Old EnCoMPASS Overview

Project Overview

The EnCoMPASS Project is developing an online professional teaching community of mathematics educators focused on understanding and improving mathematical thinking through work with formative assessment rubrics and feedback to student problem solving. In this community, members extend their content knowledge for teaching and seek to become more effective at supporting the mathematical development of each student.

For Teachers

The EnCoMPASS Project helps teachers better understand the challenges that students face in learning mathematics and supports teachers’ instructional practice through the collaborative development and use of instructional practices that are guided by formative assessment and are likely to increase student engagement and success. Read More…

For Researchers

EnCoMPASS offers researchers the opportunity to study and evaluate online professional development and the cultivation of online communities for teachers. Read More…

Broader Impact

The EnCoMPASS project addresses the national crisis in mathematics student achievement through the enhancement of teachers’ mathematical knowledge and instructional practice in the context of a sustainable, online professional teaching comunity. Read More…